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A Message From The President

Mickie Reed, President 2020 - 2022


Dear WCI Members and Supporters,

Welcome to the WCI website!  I invite you to take a look around.  GFWC Woman’s Club of Indio is the oldest service club in the Coachella Valley.  Originally founded in 1912, as the Altrurian Literary Club, to provide friendship, social opportunities and education to the early women settlers, we quickly added a community service component. 


As your president, my goal in serving you is to grow the membership of our dynamic club, engage members, increase community awareness, and to serve the community in ways that exemplify the traditions of the Woman's Club of Indio.  It is my hope that we will increase our service to the community while forming and maintaining friendships. 

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Join Us to be Part of the Fun

In 1917, we changed our name to The Woman’s Club of Indio, and just a year later we became a member of the international organization, General Federation of Women’s Clubs.  Our club started Indio’s first library, hosted the Valley’s first U.S.O., lobbied to get street lights, street cleaners and the Mosquito Abatement District.  We are most well-known for our member Dr. June McCarroll, who came up with the idea of painting lines on the road to divide the lanes, and with our collective power, the state legislature passed the measure.

Share Your Talents and Learn New Skills

More than 108 years later, our little literary club is still going strong.  We have over 100 diverse, active members and volunteer thousands of hours serving our community.  Best thing of all, we have so much fun doing it!  As the 77th President of GFWC Woman’s Club of Indio, I am more than proud to lead this dynamic group of ladies and one man!  Consider joining this historic group.  As we are much more inclusive, than exclusive, all are welcome to join.


Health, love, and happiness to you all.


Mickie Reed

President of GFWC Woman’s Club of Indio



Filling the Bus With Food


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